Keith Pascal: In The World of Magic

I love magic. I always have, from my father breaking and restoring a matchstick in a handkerchief when I was four to learning my first trick on a cruise ship, when I was seven.

I have performed, taught, sold, and invented magic over the years. Even in my 50s, I stay involved in the art.

Inclusion in Others’ Magic

I didn’t write (and finish) my own magic book until 2005. Before then, I occasionally made an appearance in someone else’s book or video. These are nothing more than ‘cameo mentions.’

Any of these ring a bell:

  • Fooling Pavlov, the last trick in Dave Harkey and Eric Anderson’s book Aha! was included with my permission.
  • I am the “Spanish Teacher” mentioned in the dedication to Paul Harris’ The Art of Astonishment, Volume One.
  • Finally, I am the audience member on the side with the Pink Floyd necktie, in Darwin Ortiz’s video, Card Shark.
keith-pascal-magicIn 2011, we found ourselves on the island of St. Lucia. One day, I was doing magic in the marketplace. The mask maker was worried that my magic would take the “magic of selling” out of his masks. I grabbed a couple of photos of his masks, turned them over, and starting producing coins out of the pics. He was relieved that I brought back the good juju.


With Lee Asher

I respect Lee Asher more than just about any other magician in the world — and it has nothing to do with the fact that he’s my business confidant.

We have worked on too many projects together to name. Here’s a sampling: We co-wrote articles for the close-up magazine, Channel One — every issue for  4+ years. We also did a year’s worth of co-written articles for England’s premier magic magazine, The Magic Circular.

The Asher Twist (the penultimate version) was filmed at my old house, in the infamous Dragon’s Plate. Just before that, we filmed Diving Board Double at his house.

I have also helped him with the writing and editing of many of his tricks and routines, including Catch 33, Three Stylin, Thunderbird, and and and …

lee-asher-coversThere’s a flip side to our working relationship: Lee has designed many of my book covers, he has shot photos for a majority of my books and ebooks, and he has even edited a book for me. (He helped pare Coin Snatching down from 21 chapters to 13.)

To this day, we stay in contact and occasionally get to help each other on projects, even though he lives over 3000 miles away.


Magic Projects

When I have time, and Lee and my latest projects have been launched, I occasionally help other magicians. For example:

I did the layout for Lew Brooks‘ PDF, Stack Attack. I met Lew in 2000, in Las Vegas, but didn’t get the opportunity to work on his ebook until years later. There is one trick in particular in this book that is a must. I’ll leave it to you to figure out my favorite. (Hint: It’s a great “routine.”)

david-stone-close-up I also edited David Stone, Close Up (and helped with the printing process in the U.S. version). David really is France’s best magic performer, in my humble opinion. Other French magicians are great at what they do, but David really is a world-class magician and entertainer. (I’d rave about his book, but since I had something to do with it, that would be immodest.)

nu-sense-alain-nuI was one of the editors for the mentalist, Alain Nu‘s, trick Nu-Sense. Lately, I have been into mentalism magic more and more. It packs small and plays big. Alain is one of the best … and this effect is a complete routine … an absolute fooler.

paper-engine-aaron-fisherI found a printer for Aaron Fisher, so he could print The Paper Engine in soft cover. Aaron and I have been friends for over a dozen years. Aaron’s attention to detail is what makes him a master card magician. (One of the best.) He’s also very funny and a good teacher.

I am sure I am forgetting others …

Does it count that I was a guinnae pig for Card Control by Jerry Andrus when he first printed it in 1976?

My On-line Magic

I have several web sites that pertain to magic:


I am also the author of several ebooks on magic and even one hard cover book, Coin Snatching: The Reputation Builder. (Available online and at local magic shops).

Magic Mentors

I have had a lot of magicians affect how I do magic.

I am proud to include the following on the list —

Ray Hyman

Jerry Andrus

Magical Mystical Michael



Lee Asher

Lee Asher

Bruce Meyers, The Count

Bruce Meyers, The Count

Ken Evans

Ken Evans

Ray Hyman,

Jerry Andrus,

Steve Golden

Jim Richardson,

Ken Evans,

Magical Mystical Michael,

Bruce Myers “The Count,”

Lee Asher.


That should do for a start.

Help me to remember others.

Keith (Kip) Pascal