Lee Asher, Magician’s Magician

What is a magicians’ magician?

Well, it’s someone who invents the magic that the magicians show the general, lay public. Sometimes, these magicians also perform for the general public.

Note: In Lee’s case, he has done lots of lay performing. For example, he was one of the leading walk around magicians at Caesar’s Magic Empire. I’ve also seen him perform at parties. And he has done some prestigious corporate events.


You can find other pages on this site with references and stories about Lee Asher. I thought I’d tell you some different stories on this page:


Lee Asher’s Wedding

We were sitting around talking in 2009. I told him that our daughter would be coming of age in our religion, and that I wanted him to be part of the ceremony.

I also told him that if he decided to marry Christina, not to do it in May of 2011. (No fair relieving yourself on my tree, when there are millions of other trees in the forest.)

Fast forward to seven months before the wedding. L and C decide they do indeed want their wedding on the exact date of Quinn’s celebration. I could be a mind reader.

So, he gave the Pascals the choice; should he and Christina get married the weekend before or the weekend after? We chose the weekend after.

Talk about crazy! We hosted three events for a few hundred people, plus extra meals and get togethers one week, with Lee and Christina flying 3000 miles to us. And Aaron Fisher flew 1000.

Then, the next week, we all flew to St. Lucia, where Aaron was Lee’s best man.

Lee and Christina reserved the entire five-star boutique resort for the wedding party (45 of us). The Pascals stayed in one of the waterside cottages, complete with our own small, private swimming pool.

Because we were the only ones there, we made our own rules. For example, the large infinity pool normally closed at 9pm. Well, we started our evening pool parties at 11pm. (Some people, including my wife, were sun sensitive so close to the equator. So, we swam and partied in the warm night.)

The wedding party had a private beach. everyone had pools, jacuzzi tubs, outdoor showers, and more. And as much food and drink as we wanted. And it was all five-star quality. My wife and I aren’t big drinkers, but we were amazed to find fully-stocked bars in each room (not mini bars).

In the dining room, the menu changed nightly, with some very exotic and tropical dishes. And we had different, live bands each night, as well.

And the room service was so good, that we ordering breakfast in our cottage every morning — Lox, bagels, and cream cheese; pan au chocolat (croissant and rolls stuffed with gooey, high-quality chocolate; hand-pressed coffee; exotic teas, and plates of fresh, tropical fruit.

It was truly a week in paradise.

Oh, and did I mention that the wedding on the dock was special — blended ceremony, with the sun lowering on the horizon of the ocean. Rows of chairs on each side of the dock.

Dinner afterwards, toasting, dancing, and more nighttime swimming.



Filming with Lee Asher and the future of Pulp Friction

Lee and I filmed the first DVD version of Asher Twist in the basement of our old home. He took photos of my hand with his car in the background for my business cards. And we hung a blue sheet and bought flood lights to film Diving Board Double on the balcony of his apartment in Eugene.

The best Lee Asher film shoot, for me, was the filming of the plot version of Pulp Friction.

Note: Pulp Friction is a Lee Asher handling of playing cards that allows the magician to achieve minor miracles with a deck. It’s a completely different way of looking at card control. Lee has taught several people how to make the pasteboards work for the sleight-of-hand artist. And he’s slowly spreading the way.

For the filming of the as-yet-unreleased Pulp Friction, the incredible card flourishers, The Buck Twins, came to Eugene. We also used a couple of magicians from Eugene, including the now famous, Hart Keene.

It was a blast working with these magi. We had good filming sessions at Hayward Field, Hendricks Park, Skinner’s Butte, and Mount Pisgah. We got the private use of a night club for filming.

We ate good food, shared magic, brainstormed movie ideas daily, and even played the occasional practical joke.

Good times for all.

So, when will we see Pulp Friction? Ask Lee.


Are Lee and I Still in Contact?

Now, that Lee’s married and living 3,000+ miles away in Toronto, Canada, you might wonder how often we’re in contact.

We only talk on the phone about once or twice a month, maximum … but we text and email each other all the time (except when either of us is on a project that the other isn’t involved in). On the days that we text, there are texts back and forth throughout the day … and night … especially when we are working on a project together.

Lee still helps me with graphics on my more important projects, and he’s still my business confidant. In turn, I edit many of his writing endeavors … from emails to his list to ebooks and magic tricks.

My wife and daughter also trust him implicitly … and his wife Christina.

It’s a great friendship.