Bruce Meyers, The Count (Magician)

When I was a young teen, I gobbled up all information on magic and magicians….

One day, I read in the Register Guard, that a magician was going to get chained, straitjacketed, etc. and then would be thrown into the Willamette River. He would then, a la Houdini, escape unharmed.

I was intrigued.

And thus started my friendship with Bruce Meyers.

He helped me improve my magic. I taught him what I had learned from Jerry Andrus and Ray Hyman. He even took me to a few magic shows, one in Dexter (where some of Animal House was filmed).

Then I lost track of Bruce.

Fast forward to 2000: I was at a PCAM convention (for magicians), and I ran into Bruce Meyers, at the Hamburger and Shake shop across the street from the convention. I recognized him after all those years.

What a guy!