Tiptoeing to Tranquility: The Parable for Finding Safety and Comfort in Dangerous Times

My challenge: to write a story that could help non martial artists stay safer in these dangerous times. I wanted to write a story about a mother and her daughter, and how they learned, not martial arts, from a master, but rather the art being comfortable in one’s own city … and the art of staying safer.

Tiptoeing to Tranquility is the result.

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Note: I wrote Tiptoeing to Tranquility for non-martial artists. Ideally, I wanted martial artists to buy them and give them as gifts. Believe it or not, as many martial artists have bought copies for themselves as gifts. I have heard that they identify with the martial arts master, Sam. Interesting.

Since the writing of this popular little tale, an entire website was created. Before you buy a copy of the book or a download of the ebook version, be sure to explore this site: TiptoeingToTranquility.com.

Let me know what you think!