The Punch eCourse: How to Punch Harder, Faster, and More Effectively

To complete five volumes of something really does take making it a labor of love. Even though the evolution of this course came in stages, it did take an awful lot of effort to see this version through to completion.

It started many years ago …

I started writing articles on how to punch harder. Some of my readers wanted more articles on punching. So, I created a new list and bought .

After writing about adding more power to one’s punch, I shift gears a little: now, I tended to write about punching faster and more efficiently. I wanted people to make their punches more effective.

My next step was to take all of those articles, combine them into an ebook, with chapters, and more tips, tactics, and techniques. Thus the birth of The Punch Papers. It was a great ebook (now out of print), and everyone loved it, but I wasn’t satisfied. To me, it still felt like a bunch of articles.

I wanted to give my customers more …

So, I went back to the drawing board and created a new version of The Punch Papers (2.0), that was over twice the size of the original ebook. This ebook did even better, and it sold well for years.

Still, even though it was more cohesive and had chapters, it felt like tips and anecdotes. Again, I wasn’t satisfied.

This time, I wanted to create actual lessons. I wanted to tell each reader specific steps to take, specific drills to practice, in order to achieve even the most ambitious of punching goals.

And as I said, 5 volumes ended up in an ecourse. I presented everything in a logical order, starting with fundamentals, and then building power, speed, defensive punching, and then putting it all together. Add some photos, and you had one fine punching course …

And that’s where it stands, but still … I’m not completely satisfied.

“So, what’s on the horizon?” you might ask.

Well, I was thinking … maybe some video clips to get my point across. And of course, anyone who already owned the Punch eCourse would get video access for free.

Stay tuned!