The Magicians’ Parable: The Paper Slips

I can’t believe how many magicians have read The Paper Slips. Who knows? Maybe because it’s free. And maybe because it helps magicians improve their performances and the way they approach magic.

Note: If I write more Slips ebooks, I’ll probably combine them and offer them for a nominal price. And there is a possibility that they could be published in paper format someday. Someday.


Several magic websites wanted to offer downloads to their members. I agreed.

A side benefit is that Coin Snatching sales rose with the downloads of Paper Slips. The story does contain a demonstration by the mentor of Kip’s Take from the book, even I didn’t really write the ebook as a promotional tool.

It’s the story of a magician who attends a boring magic club meeting but is then wowed by the performance of one of the older magicians. The story evolves as the teacher shares principles with the pupil, resulting in a much tighter and more entertaining magic act.