knife-fighting-drillsKnife Fighting ebook on

I had been having some mild success with Kindle ebooks on Amazon, but nothing to write home about.

Until …

I wrote a little ebook on practical knife fighting drills. It was NOT a rehash of old, already-published exercises. I felt I had a unique take on this kind of knife fighting drill. In fact, I made it more like a training game, than a boring drill.

What was cool was that these exercises got you good, fast, at one aspect of knife fighting … reacting to weapons coming in at you from all angles.

I posted the ebook on and saw immediate success. It jumped to the number one spot for Martial Arts eBooks.  It also garnered a spot in the recommended martial arts ebooks, and it became one of the three Hot New Releases.

I was delighted that everyone who typed in any martial arts search on Amazon would see my ebook in the top right. That little ebook held spots in the Top 10 and Hot New Releases for almost a month. Wow. (I liked the sales and the taste of success.)

Note: Last night (when I wrote this page), Amazon sent me a martial arts recommendation list to my inbox. Wonder of wonders! My little knife fighting book was right there, prominently displayed. (I really am a little humbled.)

The one thing I really need are testimonials for the ebook. One schmuck gave it a bad review, saying that it didn’t have pictures. Uh … I state right in the sales copy that there are no photos, and later, I explain “why” you actually shouldn’t have images for this set of exercises.

Another guy thought it was old hat. When I asked him to show me one other place, anywhere, where these exercises had been described, I’d take my book down. He backed down, instantly … but still wouldn’t remove his quote.

So, I need your help. If you get a copy, could you please leave a few words on Amazon about it.

And thanks in advance. I owe you one.