Am I Keith Pascal or Kip Pascal?

With no worries of the possibility of a split personality, I am both.kip-keith

My given name is Keith Pascal. It’s what you saw on the grade books in school, also on my college degrees.

Naturally, it’s the name I choose to use when I publish martial arts articles, ebooks, and books. So, the martial arts world knows me as Keith Pascal. You’ll also find my children’s fiction and my business ebooks under Keith Pascal.

So, when and where do I use Kip?

Kip is my nickname. K.I.P. are my initials.

It’s the name that my friends use. People in Oregon also address me as Kip.

Finally, magicians and the magic community seem to prefer Kip. (I don’t know; does it sound more like a magician’s name than “Keith”?)


What should you call me?

I respond to both.

I don’t really pay attention to who is calling me what.

Others seem to care more about name choice than I do. They don’t want to offend me. (Actually, that’s why I posted this explanation.)

Kip or Keith. It’s your choice.


 _____________ Pascal