The Tales of Blur Smith: The Greatest Knife Fighter in the World

blur_knifeTo be frank with you, I wrote my first couple of Blur Smith tales to try to pitch my ebook 10 Days to Better Knife Fighting. Then I sort of got caught up in the whole story and continued on.

Note: Of course, getting caught up in the story translates to I got a lot of positive feedback from customers. So, I continued writing.

After the Blur Smith stories about the best knife fighter in the world, I started writing quick tips for knife fighters. These were completely different from my bigger knife fighting ebook.

Eventually, I offered all of it for download (at a reasonable price) at . If you just wanted 10 Days to Better Knife Fighting, it was available at Amazon on CD-ROM.

Note: Sooner than later, I’m going to break up the set and offer it in three different downloads on Amazon. I think it will happen in 2014, but not before summer. (Of course, this is just a prediction.)

Subscribers have asked if I thought that Blur Smith ever practiced the fun exercises in The Knife Drills ebook on My answer — HEY! He’s just a fictional character.

I have also been asked if he’s really the most awesome knife fighter on the planet (Like there would be better knife fighters in outer space???). Again, I have to ¬†emphasize that he’s just a fictional character.

But thanks for the compliment. (Personally, I think that The Dream Wizard is a better written parable.)