Coin Magic

Just like most magicians, I started with a French Drop (technique to vanish a coin). From there, I learned a handkerchief coin vanish, and I was practicing both of those moves daily, when I met the school janitor.

No kidding.

I had learned how to make a coin magically penetrate a solid table, have a salt shaker accidentally penetrate a table rather than a coin, and even make a coin penetrate the cloth of a pant leg, and magically reappear in my pocket.

What I couldn’t do was the coin magic that I saw “Ed” the janitor do my 6th grade year. It was absolutely amazing … he could make the coin, a big coin, disappear at his finger tips, one handed, right in front of your eyes.

It was gone, completely gone … until he reached behind his elbow and caused it to reappear. Or he’d reach behind my ear. Or, or, or …. There were so many possibilities.

I bugged Ed for the whole school year, and as a parting gift, before I graduated from elementary school, he taught me the Downs Palm.


My skills skyrocketed. I learned Han Pien Chen coins across, I practiced several different Matrix routines, and I even perfected a few Copper-Silver transpositions.

After all these years, I still like coins.

Coins are recognizable. Coins are portable. Coins are magical. They’re worth something. And coin magic is fun!


Coin Magic In The Present

What have I done with coins since the 1970s?

Good question. In 2005, I published the hardback book, Coin Snatching: The Reputation Builder.

With this book, I got to combine two of my passions — magic and martial arts. I also got the opportunity to give advice on a more subtle way of building one’s reputation, while presenting an awesome trick, with some equally awesome variations.

A few years after that, I uploaded a new site on the Internet. Enter … .

On a personal note, in the early 2000s, I decided to perfect my Retention Coin Vanish. I followed my wife around for over year asking to watch me vanish a coin. If she didn’t “see” it go into the hand, then it didn’t count.

To this day, I still practice this vanish.

I still love coins, but I have found a very convenient replacement. My wedding ring!

It’s always there. It’s more precious. I can do both ring moves and some coin moves with it.

If you want to read more about coin magic (and reputation building) head over to . And if you’re new to coin magic (or want a revisit important coin magic principles and techniques), try