What Martial Arts Secrets Does Keith Pascal Really Know?


And that was the question. After my newsletter had been running for  4-5 years, and I had just finished another book project, I surveyed my subscribers.

I wanted to know what subject I should write about next. I gave them about a dozen choices, and they overwhelmingly picked an ebook on weapons.

Stick fighting seemed like too big of a topic to tackle right then, so I started thinking knives and knife fighting. I really did have a thing or two to say about practical knife self-defense.

I looked to see what was already in print (or in ebook) on the subject. There was a lot of weak writing, interspersed with a few good books.

Instinctively, writing a book on a full knife fighting style or system didn’t seem right.

(After all, Marc MacYoung seems to pick on all knife fighting methods that aren’t his own. And I didn’t feel the need to have him poo-pooing what I wrote. In fact, I wanted to create a set of tweaks that would complement Marc’s type of instruction.)

knife-fighting-pascalSo, I created 10 Days to Better Knife Fighting.

It’s not a complete martial arts style, but it will help you wield a blade better and better protect yourself in just 10 Days. (I even offer a guarantee to my subscribers. Money back if not satisfied.)

If you ever have any questions about what the book covers, contact me, or read one of the sales pages for 10 Days to Better Knife Fighting on another website.